Dance On The Wind is among the finalists!
Our song "Dance On The Wind" is becoming a sensation and is among the finalists being considered for appearing on the international cable TV show Do I Have A Hit Song!  Please help us by Voting.  Just click the link and click the VOTE button at the top of the video.

Our Next Performance:
Taking You Back To The 60s
The Sixth Generation is an authentic 1960s rock band that never fails to delight audiences with their family-friendly, fun and upbeat performances.  They were officially inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame in 2011.  Fans of all ages thoroughly enjoy their great music.


Rolling Thunder Fans
This is a song that is sweeping the nation
"Your new album is fantastic!  Thank you for such great music!"
   -- a fan from Chicago, Illinois

"What an AWESOME album!"
   -- a fan from Anchorage, Alaska

"I play your new album constantly on my car stereo."
   -- a fan from Niles, Michigan

"I will probably wear it out!!!!"
   -- a fan from West Melbourne, Florida

"What can I say except WOW!  I love it!!"
   -- a fan from Omaha, Nebraska

"I love the album!  Please come down to Dallas for a live performance!!"
   -- a fan from Plano, Texas

Our song"This Is The Time" has been voted as the #1 Legendary Song for 2013 in the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends hall of fame!! 
Originally released in 1967 and included on our That Was... This Is album, "This Is The Time" was #1 in the final results of Legendary Song for 2013.
Our to our song "That Was The Time." With over 116,000 views on YouTube, it has become an anthem for baby boomers across the world!!

Originally released as a single in 2010 and included on our That Was... This Is album, "That Was The Time" has become very popular throughout the world.  
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